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Hey hey! This is THE BOOM! Kifa and I made it up and it was created on 12/2/06 by us. Now here's a wonderful look at "The Boom". The Boom is a serene colorful setting of island paradise. It's no ocean,it's a huge indoor pool! The real sand comfortably settles into your toes on the bottom of the water and the filters are quietly humming. The water is a comfortable 78 degrees and 3 feet deep at the shallowest and 6 feet at the highest. The palm tree patterns on the walls with parakeets make it a colorful scene of austraillian beach beauty. The kangaroo lawn chairs bordering it are just right for some fun in the sun. The koala bear tables are perfect for the set with tropical island cups. (2 to a chair) The water is crisp and light blue while the parakeet chirps fill the air over the broadcasting system. The snackbar is a mini maui restaraunt to the far right, Away from all of the sand. It is dark cherry wood with a friendly employee in sunglasses and a visor. The celing is painted like clouds with beautiful patterns of parakeets flying. This is why everyone is saying "Take a rondevu, to The BOOM!" Turn down volume all the way on youtube vid:

Message of the Day


The menu of the lovely Boom snack bar.Money system is the mi nutes you must stay on for example if the price is "$5" you must stay at the Boom for at least 5 minutes. Also, if you want more than one item they add such as $5+$3= at least 8 minutes online at The Boom.

Fresh water $1- crisp clean water.
Pop/Soda: Kalie's supreme Cola$2- unlike any cola you've seen before! Fizzes constantly for your ammusment.
Mark's white soda wonder$2-almost like Sprite/7up but here's the twist- it comes in a twisted cup that spins around!
Little Fry's kiddie cocktail(Like a shirley temple)$2- a sweet treat that will brighten any child's day!
Foreheady's froggy fizz(lemon lime soda)$2- A sour splash of soda with a sweet aftertaste!
Baby's Merry Cherry$2- cherry cola with real frozen cherries floating!
and Paco's Austraillian Experence. A white soda fruit punch mix with pizzaz!$3

Guppie Jr.'s Grape Gusher$2=grape artifically flavored juice that is irresistable!
Bandit's Banana Blast$2- an unusal flavor for juice- but has a surprisingly good taste!
The comet cherry charge$2- a cherry drink filled with fun!
and Boomer's Blueberry Bang!$2 Boomer's special blend of berries perfect for a tropical get away
FRESH MILK:(strawberry,chocolate,and low fat white)$1- healthy, and tasty too!

Larry's laguna latte$3
Comet's chocolate capaccino$3
Cory's coffee experience$3
Tetris's premium tea.$2

Skinny's strawberry shake$2
Comet's chocolate shake$2
Boomer's very vannila shake$2
Paco's pistachio nut shake.$2

Paco's poppin' Popcorn$3
Riley's Pleco Peanuts$3
The Neon's Nacho blend! w/ or w/o cheese, beef, salsa,and jalapeno' peppers.Only toppings so far.$5 per basket, minus $1 for every topping taken off.
Comet's Chunk-o Chips! Blue, Red, and White restaraunt style tortilla chips, w/ or w/o salsa, ranch dip, or vegatable dip.$5 per plater, minus $1 for every topping taken off.

Shep's Ice Cream Extravaganza! A mini sundae with a cherry on top. Served in a tropical bowl. Comes in strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and mint.$3
Rainbow's Delicious Donuts! A plain doughnut with vanilla or chocolate frosting and Rainbow sprinkles!$3
Riley's Cookies! Comes in Chocolate Chip, rasin, oatmeal, and banana bits.$2
Small Fry's Super Shortcake! Strawberry shortcake with whip cream and vanilla cake.

Dedication items

These foods are dedicated to my petster pals:>If you would like your name off or on this list let me know please! These are slightly more expensive than the others,but it's worth it for these delights ;>

Chloe's Crazy Caffine Chrage! A coocoo drink of coke,sugar,and special tropical fruits that could make anyone go crazy! $5
Kifa's Krunchy Kookies! A cookie shaped like a doggy with krunchy bits of 1 chosen topping.Optional toppings: Peanut butter bits,strawberry,chocolate chips,dash of whip cream,banana,berries,and strawberry jelly!(Remember 1 topping per cookie unless you're kifa and can handle the loconess x>)$6
Jake's jumping jellybeans! Just for jake so he can pretend he's chasing crickets at his stay :>D They come in oodles of flavors such as cheery,very berry,tropical bing,orange,lemon,banana,lime,blueberry,grape,key lime pie,watermelon,chocolate,cotton candy,ice cream sundae,black licorice,and strawberry! Comes in a rainbow colored sack the size of your hand,with Boomer's face on it and "the boom" written in big blue letters. $6 for 6 flavors of your choice and $1 for every extra one. (you must choose at least 6)
Boomer's Surprise Soda! Cola,lemonade,cherries,and a hint of blue flavoring. $5
Copper's barkin' banana boat! A banana boat with chocolate/ strawberry syrup,fruit bits,cookie dough,and if a dog: dog biscute chuncks! $6
Phoenix's Festive Feast! A feast of bird seeds and treats for birds only. Comes with millet and "the boom" leg ring. (again for birds only).

Paco's Pizza Palooza! A slice of cheese pizza with the choice of pepperoni,sausage,green peppers,olives,mushrooms,ham and pinapple! ($2 for cheese pizza slice and $1 more for each topping)
Skinny's Supreme Spagetti! Spagetti and meatballs with special tomatoey sauce prepared by skinny himself! $3
Boomer's Vegetarian Nuggets! To the average observer they're chicken nuggets but they're veggie nuggets! -parakeet free as always TOL- $3
Bandit's BIG burgers! The biggest burgers in town! Comes with the toppings cheese,tomato,and lettuce free! $3 ($1 extra for each special topping. Ham,bacon,onions,pickles,mayo, and BBQ sauce)
Small Fry's Silly Salad! A lettuce salad with tomatoes,carrots,cabbage,eggs,onions,radish, and dressing all added if dessired. ($2 for lettuce and one topping $1 extra for every extra topping)
Guppie's Great Grilled Cheese! Grilled cheese made in a tephlon free area. Nice and crispy bread with fat free, american or swiss cheese. $2 (ham can be added to form a Riley Ruben for $3)
Comet's Crazy Corn Dogs! A corn dog on a stick with a real weiner made from beef and pork. Is served in a blue cardboard container with "The BOOM" written on it. $3
Foreheady's Flipping Fajitas! Real chicken rapped in a whole grain tortilla with plenty of peppers,tomatoes,mayo, and lettuce! $4 (no extra toppings to include)

That's all for now folks enjoy!

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I Want My Customers Please ^_^
Posted by
0 Jun 24, 07 11:16AM
SUMMERTIME! A must read!
Posted by
4 Jun 13, 07 10:15AM
Spirng Time At The BOOM!
Posted by
2 Mar 05, 07 05:14PM
Main entree's coming soon!
Posted by
1 Jan 28, 07 04:26PM
1 month and 5 days with The BOOM!
Posted by
6 Jan 07, 07 08:23PM
Posted by
1 Dec 29, 06 11:56PM
Party Time!!!!!!
Posted by
10 Dec 26, 06 07:35PM
Open for business!
Posted by
10 Dec 17, 06 06:43AM
Posted by
4 Dec 14, 06 02:15PM
Brand new products from THE BOOM!
Posted by
4 Dec 09, 06 04:30PM
Lets chat :-D
Posted by
1 Dec 07, 06 02:56PM
welcome BuleJay and Pheonix
Posted by
1 Dec 03, 06 12:37PM
Time for the grand opening!
Posted by
3 Dec 02, 06 06:58PM
Dedacation Foods
Posted by
9 Dec 02, 06 06:51PM
Now hiring!
Posted by
29 Dec 02, 06 06:40PM
Posted by
17 Dec 02, 06 05:01PM
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